By Appointment is a real-time virtual queuing app which will be downloadable for Apple and android devices from early July. 

Retailers are offered a free subscription to By Appointment for the first year.

Created by hospitality and IT development experts Charles Smith and Adam Batten, it will help retailers manage the evolving health risks of COVID-19 and enable consumers to plan and streamline trips to their favourite High Street stores, saving time, optimising their shopping experience and minimising numbers queuing on pavements.

Retailers signed up to By Appointment will be able to:

  • personalise the app on a store-by-store basis
  • schedule customer appointments without the need for labour-intensive staff admin
  • administer COVID-19 pre-screening checks
  • deliver contactless checking in and out of customers using door hosts scanning QR codes
  • facilitate real-time management of in-store numbers against capacity
  • identify in-store shoppers
  • facilitate communication with shoppers
  • deliver valuable consumer data analytics that have been unavailable to date, maximising strategic omnichannel marketing

Once registered, By Appointment shoppers will be able to:

  • book / cancel / reschedule appointments, free of charge
  • visit stores by appointment
  • monitor store capacity and join real-time virtual queues, eliminating the need to physically stand in line
  • search for stores by category
  • map out a shopping route
  • utilise contactless store check-in and out
  • participate in essential COVID-19 self-certification checks
  • communicate with chosen stores.


Visit the By Appointment website at