On May 2nd, 37 areas across England and Wales will elect a Police and Crime Commissioner. We are asking PCC Candidates to pledge to #GetToughOnRetailCrime. This follows our 2024 Crime Survey which revealed a surge in abuse, threats and violence against retail workers as well as an 'epidemic' of shoplifting. This is why we are calling upon candidates to commit to three pledges that would support the fight against retail crime.


As part of its #GetToughOnRetailCrime campaign, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) calls on PCCs to commit to the following:

PCC Candidates pledge to ...

  • Make retail crime a priority in Police and Crime Plans.
  • Work with other policing stakeholders to ensure data on the use of the standalone offence is tracked and acted on.
  • Allocate necessary resources for tackling retail crime in their region.
If you wish to join the #GetToughOnRetailCrime campaign, print off the attached poster and take a photo for social media using the #GetToughOnRetailCrime hashtag.


PCC candidates who have signed the Pledge.

Adam Fox
Labour PCC candidate for Essex

Adrian Waite
Liberal Democrat PCC candidate for Cumbria

Alec Sandiford
Liberal Democrat PCC candidate for Staffordshire

Alison Hernandez
Elected PCC for Devon and Cornwall

Andy Dunbobbin
Elected PCC for North Wales

Anna Smith
Labour PCC candidate for Cambridgeshire

Becky Williams
Labour PCC candidate for Hampshire

Ben Holden-Crowther
Independent PCC candidate for Thames Valley

Chris Nelson
Elected PCC for Gloucestershire

Clare Moody
Elected PCC for Avon and Somerset

Dan Price
Elected PCC for Cheshire

Daniel Steel
Labour PCC candidate for Devon and Cornwall

David Sidwick
Elected PCC for Dorset

Donna Jones
Elected PCC for Hampshire

George Carroll
Conservative PCC candidate for South Wales

John Dwyer
Conservative PCC candidate for Cheshire

John Tizard
Elected PCC for Bedfordshire

Jonathan Ash Edwards
Elected PCC for Hertfordshire

Kate Chinn
Labour PCC candidate for Surrey

Lenny Rolles
Labour PCC candidate for Kent

Marc Jones
Elected PCC for Lincolnshire

Marianne Storey
Independent PCC candidate for Dorset

Martin Surl
Liberal Democrat PCC candidate for Gloucestershire

Matt Storey
Elected PCC for Cleveland

Matthew Barber
Elected PCC for Thames Valley

Matthew Scott
Elected for Kent

Mike Johnson
Conservative PCC candidate for Cumbria

Mike Rees
Independent PCC candidate for Wiltshire

Nicolle Ndiweni
Elected PCC for Derbyshire

Philippa Thompson
Labour PCC Candidate for Dyfed-Powys

Rory Palmer
Labour PCC Candidate for Leicestershire

Rupert Matthews
Elected PCC for Leicestershire

Sarah Feeney
Labour PCC candidate for Warwickshire

Susan Dungworth
Elected PCC for Northumbria

Tim Starkey
Labour PCC candidate for Thames Valley

Tom Byrne
Conservative PCC candidate for West Midlands

Tom Plater
Labour PCC candidate for Hertfordshire

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