Today saw the launch of our newly commissioned independent report into Net Zero Vehicle Logistics for UK retail.

We commissioned this report as part of the BRC Climate Action Roadmap - and in conjunction with DP World, our Climate Action Roadmap Low Carbon Logistics Partner.

The report sets out current progress, barriers and solutions to retailers achieving Net Zero vehicle logistics by 2035 - with recommendations on the actions that UK retailers, the Government, vehicle fleet owners and manufacturers need to take if we are to reach industry targets.

Key findings

  • 90% of retailers have best practices in place to reduce current diesel Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, but these actions alone are insufficient.
  • 88% of retailers operating in-house fleets have some type of ‘Green’ fuelled vehicle, but just under a quarter of these were operating them on a large scale.
  • Common barriers faced by retailers towards reaching Net Zero include lack of infrastructure, high capital and operating costs of implementing ‘Green’ alternatives, and the relatively low range of ‘Green’ fuelled vehicles available.

Peter Andrews, Head of Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said: 

“Retailers and fleet operators are making decisions in the next few years about the vehicles that will be operating in 2030 and beyond. This is why it’s so important to make sure that green fuel options are not only available, but invested in. Government has a key part to play, not just in encouraging the take up of these technologies, but also in supporting further research and development in this area. If the UK is to become a world leader in the transition to net zero, we need action today.” 

Craig Moore, Head of Commercial - Park at DP World, said: 

“The report is timely and shines a spotlight on the steps which need to be taken now if we are to remain on track to achieve net zero targets. We welcome the findings and will continue to work with industry and its representatives to play our part in investing in new and ever greener technology.”   


Climate Action Roadmap

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