Climate action week 2023

October 30th marks the beginning of the BRC’s Climate Action Week, and, with it, the 2023 Climate Action Roadmap Showcase.

In this showcase, we celebrate some of the retail businesses making leaps and bounds in their journey to net zero as part of the BRC’s Climate Action Roadmap, highlighting key areas of success.

However, we know not every business is at the same stage in their climate journey. To support all UK retailers in reducing carbon emissions and reaching net zero, whether you’re advanced in your sustainability journey or struggling to start, we are hosting a week of insightful climate webinars.

Featuring topics such as fashion, generative AI, carbon reduction and more, both BRC members and non-members can register for free and access important content to support your climate journey.

Below, find our full webinar list for Climate Action Week and save your space.


Climate Action Week Webinars

Generative AI - The Opportunities and Considerations for Retail Sustainability

In this webinar on the 31 October at 11:00 AM, IBM will discuss some key concepts of Generative AI including what it is, the key risks retailers should be aware of when deploying it, and the tangible benefits of getting it right. IBM will explore the impact of Generative AI on retail business operations and sustainability as the technical partners for the BRC’s Sustainable Sourcing pathway (4).

On-demand coming soon.

environmental product footprinting at scale

On the 31st of October at 2 PM, Nicki Hunt is joined by Mondra CEO Jason Barrett to discuss developing the method and technology to harmonise environmental product footprinting for the UK Grocery sector, including sharing the latest developments from the Coalition across tech, data and standards.

As well as this, retail speakers will share​ their experiences with the BRC-Mondra coalition and more information on how others can get involved.

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Net Zero – Getting Started

On Wednesday, 1 November at 14:00 PM, we are joined again by Mark Reynolds from the Carbon Trust to discuss the first actionable steps on the journey to Net Zero. With under 30% of businesses in the UK feeling confident about the next steps to carbon reduction, this webinar is perfect for beginning your sustainability journey and creating a clear pathway towards the goal of reaching Net Zero by 2040.

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Fashion sustainability – Making sustainability happen

On Thursday, 2 November at 11:00 AM, Nicki Hunt is joined by speakers from Roland Berger to dive deep into sustainability in fashion. With fashion contributing approximately 10% to the UK’s carbon footprint, accelerated by the rise in e-commerce and returns policies, fashion design chains are long overdue a rethink.

In this webinar, Roland Berger Partners Siobhan Gehin (UK Head of Retail and Consumer) and Richard Federowski (Global Head of Fashion) will present insights on why changes in product design, materials, and sourcing are needed to address sustainability issues in fashion, and how data analytics and digital tools can be used to help reduce fashion returns.

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More climate content from the BRC

If you’d like even more insight on climate action in retail, why not check out the webinars, articles and resources in our On-Demand section?

Explore events from our previous climate series – including the Carbon Trust’s previous webinar, Reaching Net Zero by 2040 – and gain actionable insight to inform your climate journey.

As well as this, members of the CSR community are invited to join the BRC’s Climate Action Roadmap Showcase on the 2nd of November, 18:00 PMsave your space.