New for 2020

OSS Foundation Programme | 29th June – 3rd July 2020 | St. Hugh's College, Oxford

Research shows that Learning & Development professionals are increasingly looking to use a blend of online and offline learning to get the best out of their people. According to the LinkedIn Learning 2020 Workplace Learning Report a key strategic focus for over a third of global L&D professionals was to enable self-directed learning with online learning solutions.

Previous research also showed that 58% of workers enjoy learning at their own pace, consuming information and undertaking assignments online at a time that best suits them.

That is why we're delighted to announce that the 2020 OSS Foundation Programme will be undergoing its biggest upgrade yet - a 12-month digitally-supported learning experience.

Not only will delegates attend the inspirational 5-days at St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, they’ll also gain access to a range of online tools to help them maximise the residential and subsequently support them in taking their learning back to the workplace.

Learning is the 2nd most-desired workplace benefit, so offering a longer learning journey is a great way to keep employees happy and thriving. Not only will your team’s skill set grow, they will be happier too.


  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP) - The Foundation Digital Journey is built on a flexible, content rich LXP platform that is built with a focus on putting the learning experience first.
  • Maximising the residential – The Digital Journey enables delegates to engage with OSS Retail prior to attending the 5-day residential. This ensures all delegates are fully briefed, prepared and in the right frame of mind to maximise their time at St. Hugh’s.
  • Extending the learning – Beyond the residential delegates are supported to deepen and embed their learning in their workplace.
  • Flexible learning – As well as being immersed in the experiential residential at St Hugh’s the LXP allows delegates to continue their learning through bite-size modules. This ensures that they can work through elements of the programme at times and in environments that suit them best.
  • 360 visibility - Organisations gain insights and visibility into their delegates progress as they travel through the 12-month programme.
  • Increased networking - Delegates have the opportunity to network with delegates from other retailers but also to discuss the key learning within their own company via the LXP forum capabilities.
  • Programme notifications – The Digital Journey allows delegates to directly receive announcements and information related to the programme (such as reminders, things to consider, advice for attendance).
  • Connection with OSS Retail and BRC Learning – the LXP platform allows delegates to directly ask any questions to OSS throughout the programme.
  • Learning via the App – delegates can access the programme on their phone via the HowNow app on iOS and Android.



For more information about how the Foundation Programme can support your Graduate Managers in Retail Operations & Head Office Functions and Department Managers please contact Terry Lees on