What is it?

'Please give me space' is a visual awareness campaign, wearable products and training developed by Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and the RNIB, with endorsement from the Cabinet Office, to politely promote Social Distancing.

Why is it important?

The reason for creating 'Please give me space' derives from the abuse that members from all disability groups have experienced as a result of struggling to adhere to social distancing measures. Their disability makes it a challenge if not impossible to comply to the 2 metre distance rule – for example people with sight loss cannot judge distance. People with mobility issues struggle to move out of the way of others quickly.

Who is it for?

'Please give me space' is for anyone who struggles to confidently social distance. They include groups such as, the elderly, people with a hidden or visible disability (including mental health conditions) and those identified as clinically vulnerable by the NHS. The aim is to give the wearer confidence that when they go out in public or to work those around them will “give them space”.

Click here to watch a short video (53 seconds) about the campaign.

Feedback from wearers

It has increased their confidence in public spaces such as the shopping environment or when travelling or exercising. This encourages more customer visits more often.

Wearers report that the products are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The range which includes, a pin badge, lanyard and ID card, face mask, snood and tabard. It means that you can be as discreet or obvious as you want to be. We also provide free to download signs and badges.

 What do business and charities say

'Please give me space' has been endorsed by the UK Government Cabinet Office and a range of national charities including the RNIB, Age UK, MS Society and Visionary.  It is supported by retail groups such as The Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers, Aldi, Heathrow Airport, intu Lakeside and the Business Disability Forum. 

The campaign is asking business to

Join and support their initiative, share their video and message with staff and customers. Businesses that join the initiative will receive access to:

  • A training pack
  • Posters to share with staff and customers
  • A certificate to display that you have joined the 'Please give me space' awareness initiative
  • Certificates for staff who have taken the 'Please give me space' training

Retailers can:

  • Promote and share to staff through your intranet and staff portal
  • Purchase products for staff and customers

How do I find out more?

Visit the Please give me space website.