To conclude our Webinar Series, Recovery & Discovery through Community & Collaboration, we are delighted to be joined by Chris Brook-Carter, the recently appointed CEO of the retailTRUST.

Prior to joining the retailTRUST Chris spent nearly a decade leading Retail Week - the most influential media brand in UK retail – and World Retail Congress, the single biggest gathering of global retail’s leadership each year.

Chris will be sharing his insights and experience from a distinguished career in retail, as we explore the ‘Impact on My Purpose’ and the continuing challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris will be helping us to understand how the events of recent months have affected our wellbeing and share some practical tools for how we can all approach this next stage of a challenging year.

We continue to live in a time of extreme and unprecedented change, a paradigm shift of economic, political, social and environmental changes, which have directly or indirectly impacted our daily lives.

Beyond these changes, the last few months have significantly impacted us all emotionally. Be that working and living in isolation or being separated from loved ones. Many people face continued uncertainty around changing employment circumstances. Working from home and living in lockdown has also provided additional pressure as our strength of character, resilience and adaptability have been tested to the limit.

So, what do we do next?

The conditions created by the pandemic have often been referred to as the ultimate reset, a potential opportunity for us all to reflect on our circumstances and realign ourselves with our sense of purpose.

The dictionary definition of ‘purpose’ is described as –
‘the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists’ or ‘a person's sense of resolve or determination’

For many of us, our purpose is our values or our beliefs. This time of uncertainty highlights those things in life, the people in our lives, that our most important to us. For others this may be a connection with a habit or a routine, a time to set some new goals or objectives, be those a personal challenge or career orientated.

The health implications of COVID-19 continue to be felt as retail, amongst other industries, starts to look beyond the lockdown, to reopen to the public as part of the ongoing recovery process.

During our Webinar Series, we have been exploring the impact that the pandemic has had on us as individuals, the businesses we lead, the industry we work in and the world we live in.

As we approach 100 days since lockdown restrictions were first implemented now is the time for us to return to the element of individual impact, how has this process changed me? During this session we will be reviewing the insights gained from our previous sessions and using them to help us understand what action we can take next. How can we create the conditions for us all to emerge stronger, to learn from the challenges that we continue to face and to continue to work together as a retail community.

We will be covering the following learning objectives:

  • Exploring the insights and themes that continue to evolve our mindset and approach during this crisis
  • Developing and sharing commitments for the further development of you and your business
  • Understanding the continuous learning opportunities available to help you develop these commitments