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Climate Action Roadmap

Climate Action Roadmap

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How the Roadmap should be used

The Roadmap is designed to provide retailers – irrespective of business size and sector – with guidance on the steps they can take to decarbonise. It is expected that every retail business will plot their own decarbonisation journey focused on the needs of their customers, people and business. 

It is intended that the Roadmap will also provide clear market signals for future needs in the industry to allow suppliers, partners and other stakeholders to take action to decarbonise their activities. 

Alongside the recommendations for individual retailers, the Roadmap recognises the value of retailers working together to share knowledge, learning, and best practice, in order to build momentum and alignment for the greater impact. The Roadmap identifies areas where concerted collaborative action is required to drive progress. The BRC intends to convene working groups of retailers to guide and drive the implementation of the Roadmap. 

The Roadmap is also intended to provide guidance for policy makers on the priority interventions needed to support decarbonisation.